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Fur Trimmed Felted Mocs

Faux fur yarn is a fun way to trim the felted moc slippers you make with my pattern! You can purchase the patterns (men's, women's and kid's) right here on my website, or from my Etsy shop here:

Make up a pair of slippers as outlined in my pattern, slippers shown were made with the women's pattern using Patons Classic Wool Roving in the color "pumpkin". (You can find this yarn at JoAnn Fabrics, ). When sewing on the tops, instead of leaving the last few rows of the tops unsewn to the sides, as outlined in the pattern, I sewed them down completely to the sides.  This creates a top that lies flat against the foot. Felt your slippers and let dry completely.

I used Lion Brand "Go For Faux" Thick and Quick yarn in the "husky" color (again available at JoAnn Fabrics or from the Lion Brand website )

This yarn is tricky to work with because it's difficult to see what you are doing. I found that the easiest way to attach the fur is by crocheting around the top of the slipper. You will need to add a row of loops around the top of the slipper as a base to crochet the fur yarn, so you'll need to create those loops first. I used some leftover yarn that I used for the slippers and a yarn needle. Starting at the back of the slipper, I added a row of blanket stitches around the top with the stitches spaced about 1/4" apart, and about 1/4" below the top of the slipper.

Continue working the blanket stitches around the top of the slipper so that it looks like this when you are finished:

You will now work a single-crochet in each of the loops around the top of the slipper. I used a size I (5.5mm) hook, you could use a larger hook, totally up to you and what works. Beginning at the back of the heel, insert your hook in one of the loops and pull through the fur yarn, make one chain and then proceed working a single crochet in each of the loops around the top of the slipper.

When you arrive back at the heel, cut the yarn and pull through the loop on your hook. Weave in all yarn ends.

Enjoy your cozy slippers!!

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