My new shop!

I'm excited to announce that I am in the process of moving my knitting patterns, as well as my physical items - leather and vinyl slipper bottoms and leather straps - to my new shop on I'm sad to leave Etsy after being with them since they began, but Etsy's seller fees have become so high that I cannot offer my items for a reasonable price to shoppers while also making a decent profit for me. I'm thrilled to have found the galilee-life website and think it will help me keep my costs low in order to offer knitting supplies at reasonable prices.

If you are not familiar with, it is a Christian based site hosting some amazing shops. Items range from clothing to soaps and body lotion to knitted/crocheted items to digital knitting/crochet patterns. It is the perfect fit for me and I am super happy to have found them!

The hard part is getting the word out that my items are still available, just in a different place. If you have purchased slipper soles or straps from me in the past, please let your knitting, crocheting or sewing friends know about my products! I would so kindly appreciate your help! And while you are on the website, please check out all the other shops and the wonderful items that are available there!

Thanks for reading and for your support!



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