Crystal Quartz Knitting Stitch Markers by Lavender Hill Knits


Gemstone beads have long been believed to have metaphysical/healing qualities and are often used during meditation. Some are thought to bring about wisdom, strength, energy, luck, and healing to name a few. For me knitting is kind of meditational (is that a word?), so I thought…hmmm…it might be interesting to make up some stitch markers with gemstones and combine my love of knitting with love for gemstones, it seemed like a natural combination! I love having a set of gemstone markers on my needles and concentrating on what the little stones might have the ability to do. Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, one thing is for sure, they are wonderful little pieces of nature to have on your needles!! 


Crystal Quartz:  Known as a power stone that is prized for its healing power.  It is the most powerful stone of the mineral kingdom, able to work on any condition.  It is a "universal crystal" because of it's many uses including manifesting healing, meditation, protection and channeling.  Stones are clear flat oblong pebbles ranging in size from 8mm - 16mm.  They look like droplets of water in your needles!


You will receive 6 markers made with 8mm-16mm puffed flat irregular oblong stones, silver beading wire and silver plated beads.  I have a limited supply of these stones, so get them while you can!


Stitch markers are available in two loop sizes:
MEDIUM = fit up to a size 8 (5mm) needle
LARGE = fit up to a size 13 (9mm) needle

I love these markers because they have no wire ends, will not snag your yarn, will not separate like split rings can, slip easily between needles and will not scratch wood or bamboo needles.  They are very light and are perfect for lace knitting projects or any knitting!  They make a very special gift for a knitter or for yourself.


Item ships via first class mail in a bubble mail which takes about 3-5 days in the US.  


Items shown in the photos other than the stitch markers are not included.

Knitting Stitch Markers - Crystal Quartz Gemstone and Silver Moon Charm