Suede leather slipper bottoms in your choice of four colors for women's knitted, crocheted or felted slippers.


***Please read through this listing carefully, this listing is for the soles only, the finished slippers and/or the knitting pattern are NOT included***


Make the beautiful slippers you created last longer by adding suede leather slipper bottoms!  Not only do they add durability to the soles, they also make the slippers non-slip, and they add a nice finished touch to the slippers you took the time to create!  The bottoms will fit any size women's slippers and are made especially to go with the slipper pattern sold here my site (slippers are shown in photo 7)


The soles are high quality mid-weight sueded cowhide leather (approx. 1-2mm thick)  in your choice of brown (photos 1 and 2), black (photo 3), or tan (photo 4).  Soles have punched holes making it easy to sew the soles to the bottom of your slippers.  You will also receive some sock yarn to sew the soles to your slippers.  You could also use your own heavy craft or button thread if you choose. You will receive two toe pieces (4 1/2" long and 3 1/2" wide) and two heel pieces (3" long and 3" wide).  The leather I use for these soles comes from a small leather seller in New England, so your purchase supports two small businesses!!


Care:  slipper soles can be washed along with your slippers only when necessary, just use cool water and mild soap like Woolite.  Wash ONLY by hand and air dry.  Repeated washings may cause the leather to dry out and become stiff, however rubbing a little leather conditioner onto the soles will prevent them from drying out.


Your slipper soles will ship via first class mail which takes about 4-6 days in the US.

Leather slipper soles for women's slippers non-slip for knitting crochet felted

  • Returns accepted.  Please email me to work out a return or refund.